The fourth Kicking the Bucket Festival has now ended. We hope many of you were able to access our wide range of thought-provoking and diverse events. A big thank you to everyone involved from the festival team. A full summing up will come out next week along with a full gallery of pictures.

Saturday 18 November 2023

The burning of the letters posted into our Travelling Postbox takes place at Westmill Woodland Burial Ground tomorrow at 4.30pm. We will film the fire and put an image up in a Blog here on the website, as well as on our social media platforms. 

You are welcome to join us in person if you wish to be there.  (For satnavs please use the postcode SN6 8TH. This will take you to Westmill Farm where our office is based, the Burial Ground is on the same road as the farm (B4508) but 400m east, uphill, opposite the Westmill Community Windfarm.)

This festival of living and dying, created in 2012 by Liz Rothschild, was the first festival outside London to explore the subject of death, bereavement and life. Once again, in 2023 she worked with a strong team of people who share the vision that life becomes better when we admit that death is part of it.

Sponsored by Westmill Woodland Burial Ground
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The Hub Weekend
3rd-5th Nov 2023

Throughout the festival there was our usual eclectic mix of workshops, conversations, performances, meditation, films and community activities.  

For the first time, a whole day of events on Friday 3rd November took place online to enable many people to participate who have previously been excluded by cost, distance or health challenges.

On Saturday 4th November we were based all day at the Friends' Meeting House in St Giles, while events on Sunday 5th November  once again popped up around town. 

We worked with Christine McKenzie in our team of organisers to ensure that we placed inclusion at the centre of our planning.