If we have one thing in common- Cruse and bereavement care

Six months ago, journalism student Beth told us in her blog about her Mum's work with Cruse. Now Sarah from Oxfordshire Cruse Bereavement Care tells us more - as she says, there will be Cruse volunteers at the Festival on 5th November, if you'd like to speak to one -  If we have one thing in common, it's that sooner or later we will all experience the death of someone we love, someone close to us.  It's tough and painful and sometimes we think we're losing our minds trying to deal with the loss. People often say to a Cruse counsellor 'I'm going mad'.  But they're not, it's just part of the difficult path that everyone has to tread as they negotiate a new reality without their loved person.  Most people manage their bereavement path and come to a point at which they can accept the loss and the different life they now have to lead, and move forward to build their new reality positively. A small number of people get stuck somewhere on the path and need help and that's where Cruse comes in.  We give support to anyone grieving, through one-to-one counselling, through therapeutic groups, and through social support groups.  We give this support freely, and we offer people help for as long as they need.  Some need one session - just to sort out something that they have been unable to say to their friends and family but which they can say to a neutral Cruse volunteer.  Some people need many sessions to work through difficult, maybe ambiguous, feelings about the person who has died. We'll be on hand on Saturday 5th November at Friends Meeting House, ready to talk to anyone affected by any of the events on that day.