KTB Contributor makes news at the BBC!

We are delighted that Sue Gorbing and Sal Hampson from SAND (Safe Ageing No Discrimination ) will be on our Speed Dating with Death panel in November, as part of KTB 2023. “SAND visualises a future where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin are fully integrated into the community. A community that values their experiences, meets their needs and offers appropriate personalised care as they age.” SAND’s dedication to giving older and old LGBT+ people a voice has resonated throughout Shropshire, and it’s exciting that Sue and Sal will be coming to Oxford to talk more about their work.


Recently, as part of their goal to raise awareness about the specific difficulties encountered and fears expressed by LGBT+ people as they age, SAND put together an exhibition called the Wave Project, currently on view at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. The BBC reported on this collection of members of the LGBT+ community, aged over 50, waving at the camera to remind people that they exist. Click here to read.


It is clearly a timely reminder… "It never occurred to me that there are older LGBT+ people" - Shropshire GP