Preparations Continue

Preparations for Kicking the Bucket 2023 continue apace, and our scheduling is almost complete. We can announce with confidence that our first event will take place at Westmill Woodland Burial Ground on Saturday 7th October!

Westmill Woodland Burial Ground is an established natural burial ground which has been helping people create personalised funerals for over twenty years. The focus is on creating a beautiful, natural landscape which will evolve over time. The staff at Westmill understand that grief can be a long and lonely journey, and they encourage families to stay in touch if they wish. To this end, the Family and Friends Group was created, whose members receive regular Newsletters and information about events at Westmill.

On Saturday 7th October, Westmill Woodland Burial Ground will be hosting their annual Memorial Gathering in the afternoon. The event is free to attend, and we invite you to book at to help us with numbers for drinks and activities. It will be a time to remember, to celebrate, to mourn.

The times are still to be confirmed, but the intention is to offer a gentle walk in the afternoon, followed by hot drinks, a chance to decorate a lantern, and finally gathering round a fire bowl for songs and readings. All welcome, whether or not you have a loved one buried at Westmill. It is a beautiful place of peace throughout the seasons. We look forward to welcoming you.