The Ripple Effect of our Festival

People often ask me how many people the festival will reach and I find this a very difficult question to answer because we know it is way beyond the number of people who actually attend events or the number of festival programmes we give out or hits on social media.  

Here is one example. I met someone working at one of our venues who looked at the programme and got into a conversation with me about a significant personal experience of death. She then went home and talked to all of her family about it and she told me they started talking to other people they know. So that one festival programme led to at least 7 conversations about death and dying that might not have happened otherwise. And that is how it works. We throw a stone into the pool and the ripples go on and on. 

And there are still places on some of the events so don’t miss out on a fuller experience of what the festival can offer - here's our Diary, with links to all our events and their booking links