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How do you feel today?

Death is an inevitable conclusion to life. It is surprising therefore how society avoids the subject. All of medicine, beauty, lifestyle is about postponing death. So, when one is given a terminal diagnosis, the shock is real. The intense feelings experienced by both carer and patient are universal but there is no order to the rollercoaster that sometimes overwhelms, and the journey is most definitely not linear.
‘How do you feel today?’ is the hardest question to answer honestly. This work attempts to give abstract shape to some of those emotions, and start the conversation.
Workshop opportunity
In conjunction with her exhibition, Helen is facilitating a Gelli Plate Printing workshop at the Old Fire Station on  Saturday 14th October - for full info and to book a place, please visit the OFS website page here.
Image: Fragility by Helen Pakeman, 2023

How do you feel today?

Date & Time:  Friday 8th September till Sunday 5th November
Tuesday-Saturday 10am - 4pm 

Location of Event: Old Fire Station, Oxford

Charge:  FREE

Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes


Helen Pakeman

Helen Pakeman is an artist who likes to tackle difficult subjects, using art to start a conversation. Originally a printmaker, she now works in fibre, basketry, weaving and textiles. She has just completed a 2 year Diploma in Art
and Contemporary Craft at West Dean College in Sussex and the work she is showing is her final project.
The exhibition is about the emotions that people go through when given a terminal diagnosis. Talking about ‘death’ is not encouraged, therefore people often don’t have the conversations they should around the subject: if they were to become ill how would they wish to die (if there is a choice)? Would they prefer hospital or home? Resuscitation or not? Organ donation or not? When one is given a terminal diagnosis the emotions are intense and the shock is real. This work tries to give abstract shape to those emotions in various materials and perhaps provoke discussion around the issue, whilst acknowledging that, although the emotions are universal, the journey is not linear. Being allied to the ‘Festival of Living and Dying’ is a great opportunity to start that.