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Love's Tender Breath

This guided mindfulness meditation will lead us gently into our day of in-person events.

When we, or someone close to us, faces pain and life limiting illnesses, our reactions can feel overwhelming and unbearable. We might feel we have failed at some deep level, feel awkward at our clumsiness in being present and not sure how to offer or find comfort and sanctuary. We might feel we haven’t loved enough or been clearer about what is important to us. This session brings Love’s tender breath to all of this - remembering that all of our experience belongs at some deep level. This meditation offers a sanctuary and space to remember our True Nature - the astonishing light of our Being -  and to bring all our inner exiles into loving awareness.

Love's Tender Breath

Date & Time:  Saturday 4th November 2023

Location of Event:  Friends' Meeting House, Oxford

Charge:  FREE drop in session, no need to book

Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes


Marguerite Wallis

A lifelong curiosity about suffering, loss, sorrow, life and death may have been born from early childhood experiences in Kenya and Uganda. With a mother who was a doctor and trying to save lives, to a father who was in agriculture trying to meet the food needs of expanding populations, I encountered the terror of death, birth, suffering and loss. I was also lucky to inhabit a world of nature still untouched by humans and to remember a sense of my own True Nature and Oneness with creation. This naturally led to meditation as a deep longing to Be and for life to flow from that ‘suchness’. I started with Transcendental Meditation aged 17, moved to Pranayama/Yoga and chakra based meditation with Penny Allen, and 23 years ago began my journey of solo retreats in the Sufi Tradition with my guide, Noor Jacobs.

I am now training to be a Retreat Guide offering solo retreats to people of any faith. Presently, I guide two groups monthly; one is a Breathworks mindfulness meditation group for people with chronic pain and/or ill health and the other is the Oxford Sufi group. I work part time as a physiotherapist with skills in cranio-sacral therapy and viscero-fascial manipulations, as well as caring for my mother with dementia and enjoying the company of my granddaughter. I have an intention to live my life as a dance with our beautiful earth to support its regeneration and healing. We are not separate. The earth’s pain, sickness, loss and delight is our pain, sickness, loss and delight. We are part of the same web of life manifesting from the mystery and dissolving into the mystery. Breathing in and breathing out, expanding and contracting...

I am also a musician, singer and composer and share an allotment with my husband.