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Invitation to a Rivonia Declaration (Creative Poetry Workshop)  

In the Rivonia Trials, 1963-64, lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela (on the 20th April 1964) gave a speech in his own defence from the dock.  Madiba (accused and future president) spoke about the fact that he had lived a life promoting harmony and equal opportunity for all.  He declared them ideals he lived for and if needs be he would be prepared to die for these ideals as well.  Nelson Mandela was given life in prison at this trial but the ideals could never be incarcerated.  Madiba came out of prison 27 years later to continue to promote these ideals for the rest of his life until he died in 2013 … the ideals live on!

This workshop will give the participants an opportunity to have a Rivonia Moment where they get to think about the ideals they want to live for and the ones they are prepared to die for.  Participants will have a chance to write a living will of ideals using poetry and illustrations and furthermore the opportunity to recite and share their ideals in a supportive group setting.

There will be an opportunity to enjoy supper at Lula's Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine (in the same venue) after the workshop. Please contact Lula's direct to book.

Invitation to a Rivonia Declaration

Date & Time:  Wednesday 1st November 2023

Location of Event:  The Community Works, 21 Park End St, Oxford, OX1 1HU

Charge:  £12 (£10 conc) + booking fee

Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes


David Neita

Dave Neita is a lawyer, a published poet, lecturer and international speaker specialising in cultural leadership. Based in the UK, he is a commentator on race, politics, mental health and the arts. An advocate for human rights and an expert in organisational development and mental health, Dave has worked with a range of Mental Health Organisations in the UK and Internationally to support service users and staff members through creative approaches. Dave speaks widely in churches in the UK and abroad, promoting a redemptive and
inclusive message of bringing about harmony in community, and he has delivered sermons in St Paul’s Cathedral, Oxford University, and many other venues.
Nominated for Lecturer of the Year Award, Dave has been Lecturing on the Health Policy and Practice Programme at IES London since 2012 and in March 2018 he delivered lectures
on Comparative Mental Health (United Kingdom and Jamaica) at Howard University, Washington DC, USA.
He has an MA in Cultural Leadership, volunteers his time in the community and served as the UK ambassador for the European Year of Equal Opportunity for All: Face of the Year
Campaign. Dave was included in Black Enterprise's list of the Top 10 most powerful black men in Britain and was selected by the BBC to provide perspective and comment on the
50th anniversary of the March on Washington.
Known for his success as a member of the legal team behind a class action suit against a major multinational corporation on behalf of thousands of injured South Africa Miners, Dave continues to work as an advocate for underprivileged, exploited or disenfranchised people, everywhere. In February 2019 Dave participated in, and won, the Cambridge
Debate (Oldest Debating Society) at Jesus College, Cambridge University.
As a patient advocate and art consultant for the new £350m facility for Broadmoor - the largest, most well-known mental health institution in Europe, Dave has spearheaded the dialogue around race, art, identity and healing in mental health between patients, staff, architects and black artists.
Taking a creative approach to campaigning, Dave has written a play on the Windrush Scandal called The Bitter Windrush Blues and he has performed and toured this play across
the UK demanding justice for those adversely affected by the hostile environment.
Dave has published one book and 4 audio CDs of his poetry.

Twitter: @poetrylawyer