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Woven Farewell Coffins - interactive coffin weaving

Woven Farewell Coffins are offering a unique space to experience weaving part of a willow coffin at Kicking the Bucket festival.

Woven Farewell Coffins - interactive coffin weaving

Date & Time:  Saturday 4th November 2023
Throughout the day

Location of Event:  Friends' Meeting House, Oxford

Charge:  FREE

Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes


Sophia Campbell-Shaw

Woven Farewell Coffins is a unique willow coffin business based in Devon. Female-led, the company focuses on adding to the momentum of truly sustainable funeral options, and
supporting family-involved funeral options. As well as using local and biodegradable materials, Woven Farewell is one of the only coffin companies in the UK to donate to charity - with
5% of profits supporting the Woodland Trust. This represents the importance of death nestled within life to founder Sophia Campbell-Shaw. A Basketmaker and teacher of 11 years, Sophia encourages families to visit the workshop and help weave the loved one’s coffin where appropriate. Woven Farewell Coffins supply direct to families as well as Funeral Directors round the country, with a hub in East Devon and 
the East Midlands.